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Based out of Birbhum, in West Bengal, Rudbi a website designing & development as well as software application Development Company with a difference. With a dedicated work-force and ample experience we strive to be the best at what we do. Though relatively new, the company already boasts of a very good clients base, these clients have already imposed their faith on Rudbi, and are not disappointed with it.

In this world where the mantra is ‘perform or perish’ we are here to perform with vigour. An accomplished name in web enabled applications, website development, software development, and industry automation; we offer a wide range of highly sought-after services. Our web design and development solutions are cost-effective and totally supported by amicable support services. Read More

Three Ds drive our urge to succeed- Dedication, Determination, and Desire. Unadulterated dedication to serve our clients and provide the best possible services to them. Unwavering determination to get the job done with best possible results.

Unquenchable desire to excel. Our mantra at Binary Cozy is to “exceed the expectations of all our clients”. To attain our goals of fulfilling the demands of all clients, we believe in providing the highest levels of proficiency in whatever we do. Our strategies/ solutions linked to web development, software application, e-commerce, industry automation and all other areas of expertise are backed with 24/7 support services.So we are very clear in what we aim at and aspire, and are focused completely on the path to success for us and our clients.

Every ambitious person and organizations must have a vision. Our vision too is very clear. In about five years time we see ourselves as a much more expanded and recognized company. We aim at increasing the number of services provided by us and aspire to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. We also aim to maintain the same level of professionalism and dedication that we harbor within us now. With time we will only get better and better, that is our commitment to ourselves.

Delivering latest edge technologies to old and disabled people

We are making lots of such technologies that will help old and disabled people in their daily life. We have introduced an alarming system which will be triggered whenever the person is felling discomfort. There are other technologies that we are attaching in their beds and wheel chairs which will help them operate the any electric gadgets like Lights, fans etc without making any effort. This is kind of service that we are providing to our elders through technology and few gadgets.

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Audio visual classrooms

We are making audio visual classrooms to many schools which need education and in a modern way. To deliver the knowledge in a smarter and digital way will install a projector and mikes by which the teachers will be able to explain many educational videos to their students in a particular class. The teachers can also explain things in a better way when a proper technology is given and proper environment is made. Audio visual classrooms will be a great feature in the development process of the students’ mind.

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Delivering very low cost home automation

We are making solutions for your home automation in very low rates. Think if you can operate your electric gadgets though voice command or from your mobile device, that will be so great. Here we are to help you out in this: we will provide you a technology by installing which you will be able to operate all kinds of gadgets from mobile. This has an advance version which is an intelligent system which will be taking commands by itself by developing a knowledge base.

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CRM which is making the whole business process digital

We are having a CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management software with which you can keep the whole information of your clients and the details of interactions with the client like chasing details, responses, follow-ups, meetings, agendas , conversion, project allocation, project progress reports to the completion and revisions . This is an very important software that will help you keeping track of your business process starting from the lead collection to completion of the work though various departments of your organization.

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Inventory solution that will make the business process smoother

We are providing an Inventory solution which will automate your purchase and selling. Starting from putting purchase order to purchase, warehouse allocation, transferring between warehousing selling and POS, employee and agent all are included in the inventory system. This powerful software will help you keep track of your detailed business operations and records of your transactions and other details. You can generate reports of the sales, performance of your employee, which product is selling much and everything in just a click.

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Digital Marketing that make your website more visible and uplifts your business

We promote your business online via media like social media marketing and search engine optimization. This is done though experts and their years of experience. Everybody is focusing on digital media to promote business now a day. To do this, we set some goals and focus on reaching the goals. There are different ways like content marketing, email marketing and SMS marketing to reach out to people who might be interested to buy your products and services and products.

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Core Values of us

We believe that the growth of the client on their business online will also help our organization grow. We have some values like timeliness, focusing on the requirement of the customers and to make them satisfied. The development process is done in a team by many experts in their own field. First we see the requirement and we give a solution accordingly which is not based on some template or predefined set of solution routines. The positive attitude of our and ethics of our organization will make a great solution.

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Technologies we use

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Technologies We Use