Renewable Energy from evaporating water.

Renewable Energy from evaporating water.

Nothing is constant is nature. Change is inevitable. Water in nature is in constant transformation. The process has enormous power and energy in it but so far we have been able to capture energy only when water comes down from clouds but energy can also be captured from evaporation which makes water go in to atmosphere. When one hears it for the first time it might feel crazy since people are not used to thinking about energy in that way. But it is indeed possible and a very unique because it brings chemists, biologists, engineers, all together under one roof.

Some spores typically exist in dry places and when such spores come in contact with moisture, it absorbs some of the noise and gets bigger and  when it finds it dry again it shrinks. This is very similar to muscle movement. It can expand and contract accordingly. Their mechanical properties can be converted into useful technology.

When the spores are deposited in plastic tapes and humidity is increased they can get much longer and can contract quickly into a very small size. Like this ,if many tapes are combined together then one  can increase the force that they are producing and they can now be used as a part of many devices. Some of the devices are described below in detail



It sits on the surface of water and as moisture from the water surface enters the device it changes the shape of the mass and the movement of the strips is coupled to shutters. When they open the moisture escapes from the device and when they close evaporation fuels less moisture. Through this process one can store the evaporation potential and release it over time in a controlled fashion and can have a continuous power up.



In this process there is a wheel with a bunch of spore samples around it and half of the wheel is placed in an humid environment and the other half in dry environment. Since the spore expand when humidity is high and contract when humidity is low, it indicates a tiny mass imbalance on the wheel which causes it push forward for as long as the humidity is high in one half and low in the other half. Thus if we having a rotating device it can be used for many applications crazy for example a car.


Here one can connect it to a rotating circle’s radius and the device will automatically start moving like a toy car. It is really fascinating and intriguing.

The main thing that the product has done is that is that it has opened a new of thinking and reasoning about biology and one can take this technology to various directions and one can come up with so many ideas that will make our life easier and more comfortable. This technology can be extended to the parts of society where one might not have come across electricity or they don’t have typical electrical infrastructure. It can intricate into products or commodities that will be beneficial for the society as a whole. Once can make robots that can move arms based on this theory. One can connect it to a generator.

To conclude evaporation is special because it is everywhere since 70% of the earth is covered with water and every single surface is evaporating in one place or the other. This technology will save a lot of water because when one puts the device on the top of water it sill slow down the process of evaporation rate. Since our energy and water future is uncertain, Evaporation can nicely solve this two problems at once because it can save water and produce energy at the same time.

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