Automation and monitoring


Home Automation 

Home automation is increasingly becoming fundamental to the architectural projects of a new building or an old one. The home automation system is affordable and can easily make your home a smart home by introducing control in climate, entertainment systems, lighting, appliances and any other devices used in your home. A central hub or a gateway is created and connected to all the system possible to brought within the limit of automation. By streamlining the system, we can help you achieve several folds of Smart-home benefits.

  • Increased security through information gathering sensors that will sense if the user is inside or out.
  • Great for elderlies and disabled people, with decreased mobility.
  • Resource saving technology as the system known when to turn the electricity down and how to utilize recourses to its maximum potential.
  • Smart living with specific listing of items and quite notes delivered directly to you in case of an item.

This will help in reducing utility bills

Energy management will reduce the energy consumption for residential use. The utility bill will eventually decrease as well. The following histogram shows the distribution of data in six months. For residential utility, there will be a savings of 16% in energy consumption with energy management. 

Industrial Automation and Renewable energy solutions

Renewable energy has a vivid effect on the industrial sector. The following histogram shows the difference in energy bill with and without use of renewable energy. The total energy bill savings for 6 months is 96%.


Green Energy Generation

At Rudbi Technologies, we are promoting the use of solar panels. This is helping the people in the residential level to reduce the energy cost, besides making them independent in generating energy for themselves. This limited energy doesn’t create any pollution while at the same time encourages a culture of not wasting energy. At Rudbi Technologies, wework toprevent wastage of energy by making automation and monitoring systems.

Power and Energy Management

Wemake energy saferto use with our skills of transmitting, distributing, and converting electricity.We offer benchmarked power and energy management services for your immediate needs. Our latest project deals with home automation and energy monitoring which will completely stop wastage of energy at a residential level.

Motion control 

If you are on the lookout for result-oriented and scalable solutions connected with motion control, especially with regards to your automated machine tools and robotics projects,we have some offerings for you. With years of experience in motion control operations related to packaging, printing, textiles, robotic manipulators, assembly industries, and semiconductor production, we have everything to guide you withyour sub-module of automation services.

Condition monitoring 

Ourcondition monitoring servicesare specially designed for monitoring different conditions in machinery (such as temperature, vibration, etc.) to identifyany changes that are indicative of developing faults and energy wastages with our cost-effective condition monitoring solutions by your side to monitor devices and generate device profile. With us, you can:

  • Schedule maintenance tasks
  • Take actions to prevent failures
  • Streamline rotating equipment and all other machinery like internal combustion engines,pumps, electric motors, presses, and so forth
  • Rely on periodic inspections for stationary plant equipment like piping, steam boilers,and heat exchangers.