Renewable energy Generation


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the way to go with the petroleum and coal resources on earth, fast diminishing in quantity. The energy sources that are naturally replenished is used to create a sustainable energy source for the long term. The shift has to be gradual and swift and our company work towards making the renewable energy more affordable to the user. Amidst the several forms of renewable energy, that includes, wind energy, solar power, tidal energy, biomass, Geothermal and much more, solar energy has been the easiest to use and cost effective one for normal household. Rooftop PV system or solar rooftop can be effectively used in smaller homes as well as big apartments. We are extending our work front in the field of renewable energy since our inception and have come a long way to provide customers with the required benefits.

Renewable energy solutions in Residential level

With the use of Renewable energy or the Green Energy, the energy consumption in the household will be much less than what it is without green energy. Following is the data for six months, where you can see the amount of energy consumption, with and without green energy. A huge difference can be noted here. If you compile the six months data, the total savings with green energy is 87%.

Fully automated green energy House (FAGEH Project)

In the chart below, you can note difference in energy consumption without green energy and power management and with Fully Automated Green Energy House implementation. In case of FAGEH project the green energy is used and there is power management is implemented too. The chart clearly suggests a very huge savings with FAGEH for each month. While considering the data of 6 months, the energy savings is 95%.